Wing Chun Training Proverbs

  • There are not many sets of training exercises in Wing Chun. They are easy to learn but to master them requires determination.
  • Learning the usual ways will allow later variations.
  • Short arm bridges and fast steps requires practicing the stance first.
  • Siu Lim Tau mainly trains internal power.
  • Lan Sau in Chum Kiu is a forceful technique.
  • Biu Jee contains life saving emergency techniques.
  • The Wooden Man develops use of power.
  • Fancy techniques should not be used in sticky hand practice.
  • Sticky leg practice is inseparable from the single leg stance.
  •  The steps follow turning of the body like a cat.
  • The posture complements the hands to eject the opponent.
  • The Six and a Half Point Staff does not make more than one sound.
  • The Eight Cut Sword techniques have no match.
  • The thrusting and fast attacks are well suited for closing in.
  • Eyes beaming with courage can neutralize the situation.
  • Unknown techniques are not suitable for training practice.
  • Those who completely master the system are among the very few.

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