Siu Nim Tau

  • Siu Nim Tau comes first; Do not force progress in training.
  • A weak body must start with strength improvement.
  • Do not keep any bad habit.
  • Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma - Train the chi by controlling the Tan Tien.
  • To maintain good balance of strength, grip the ground with the toes.
  • To release chi from the Tan Tien, will enable proper release of power.
  • Sink the elbow and drop the shoulders; Guarding the centerline to protect both flanks.
  • There are one hundred and eight moves, all practical and real; Thousands of variations can be used, aiming for practical use and not beauty.
  • Internally develop the chi; externally train the tendons, bones and muscles.
  • Tan Sau, Bong Sau, Fook Sau, Wu Sau, and Huen Sau; their wonder grows with practice.
  • Each movement must be clear and crisp. Timing must be observed.
  • Practice once a day, more will cause no harm.

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