Intermediate Classes

Intermediate students have learned the basic Wing Chun movements for self defence and are ready to progress into the art itself. 

Intermediate students start to learn Dan Chi Sau, or Single Sticking Hands - preparing them for the internal art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Other drills are learnt at this level such as Larp Sau and Cross Punching drills. 

More focus and emphasis is placed on the Sil Lim Tao or First Form of Wing Chun. Learning how to move from the joints, relaxing and increasing power.

Once the foundations are learned for Internal Kung Fu, the practioner is ready for the advanced classes.

The practioner will stay in this class until they are deemed ready by the instructor to progress to the next level.


Intermediate students who have been introduced to Single Sticking Hands (Dan Chi Sau) can familiarise themselves with the movements in their own time. I have posted here a picture to help with your memory.

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