Advanced Classes

Advanced classes in Wing Chun Kung Fu are for students who have a greater understanding of the Internal Wing Chun system. They will have learned the basic moves, and understand on some level the way of increasing force in offence and defence.

Students in the Advanced class focus on the Sil Lim Tao form, and at the instructors discretion will start to learn the Chum Kiu and Bil Jee forms when they are deemed ready.

Students at this level will focus on Luk Sau (rolling arms) and Chi Sau (Double sticking hands) to improve their sensitivity, coordination and power in attack and defence. Chi Sau is also essential in making the techniques subconcious decisions, in a high pressure situation deciding which techniques to use takes time, a student with good Chi Sau skills make these decsions without needing to think - deciding on the right technique automatically in regards to the environmental situation.

Students at this level will be taught how to move effectively, moving their bodyweight, footwork and working on speed.

The wooden dummy is also taught at this level, and advanced students are encouraged to purchase their own dummy - however they can also use the wooden dummy located in the Kingsford School.

The purpose of the Advanced Classes are to perfect the art. To explore the richness of the Wing Chun System. Once the student has the foundations they can delve deeper into this amazing martial art. Making Wing Chun movements natural for the student, and bringing Wing Chun into everyday life.

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