Chu Shong Tin

Chu Shong Tin 徐尚田, was born in 1933 was the third student of Yip Man. 

Yip Man nicknamed Chu the King of Sil Lim Tao for his mastery of the first form. Anyone who witnessed Chu demonstrating the first form would know of this power and skill.

Chu Shong Tin trained diligently under Yip Man, spending a lot of time practicing the forms and chi sau. Chu was a teacher in Yip Man’s school, teaching the Wing Chun techniques to Yip Man’s students.

Chu Shong Tin was a true master of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Students from around the world travelled to Hong Kong to feel the power of his Wing Chun system. Even the strongest of people could not resist Chu while he performed the movements of any of the forms, including the weapon forms. He was famous for overpowering people many times larger and phyiscally more powerful than himself.

Chu Shong Tin unfortunately passed away on the 28th July, 2014. Leaving behind the legacy of Internal Wing Chun.


Chu Shong Tin's "The Book Of Wing Chun" - Over 60 years of Wing Chun Experience and Knowledge

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