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Beginners learn the basics of Wing Chun Kung Fu. They will learn the basic self defence moves, and are drilled in the application of these moves in self defence. Wing Chun is excellent for self defence with fast, efficient and effective techniques to neutralise and attack.

Students will learn punching, kicking (below the waist), palm strikes, and combinations. Combined with situational defences, arm grabs, swinging and straight attack defences. Self defence taught at Internal Kung Fu is effective for Men, Women and Children.

Beginners must familiarise themselves with the basic moves of Wing Chun before they can progress to the intermediate level.

The practioner will stay in this class until they are deemed ready by the instructor to progress to the next level. This may take 10-20 classes depending on the discretion of the instructor, and the input and readiness of the student.


Firstly, wear comfortable clothes and shoes to class. It is up to you if you wish to wear shoes during the class, however some people prefer it as you are more likely to be wearing them in a self defence situation than not.

In the class the Instructor will introduce you to Wing Chun Kung Fu, the Sil Lim Tao Form (see below), and some basic movements to start you on your Wing Chun journey.


Read articles written by our Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin here. He gives a brief outline of what Wing Chun is. Read other articles in the Articles section.

Beginners who have attended their first class will have been introduced to the Sil Lim Tao Form. It is recommended that you practice this Form extensively in your own time to familiarise yourself with the movements. To practice, click on the Videos link at the top, and then 'Sil Lim Tao' - There are 3 videos here for you to copy from in your own time.

What is a Form in Wing Chun

For written information about the forms, click on the Articles section and read as much as you can

For information about the spirit of the Wing Chun Kung Fu and training tips, visit the Kuen Kuit section of this website

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