Self Defence

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent Martial Art for Self Defence.

Wing Chun involves short and long range tactics, the use of the centreline theory, and a heavy emphasis on mimimum use of physical strength, it is an ideal martial art for self defence.

Usually an attacker will be larger than the person being attacked. In this case, training to be stronger than the other person is pointless, no matter how strong you get, the attacker will usually be larger. By training the body to deal with heavier forces, and by using body mechanics to generate large forces, Wing Chun Kung Fu allows a smaller bodied person to effectively defend an attack. 

This is evidenced by Yip Man, who brought the art to the world and was not of large stature. It is also evidenced by Chu Shong Tin (see videos section) who is a small older gentleman who can generate tremendous force. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a style which legend says was created by a woman, so it is a soft style designed to assist overcoming a larger opponent.

Self Defence is only the beginning of this Martial Art. Once one studies this for long periods of time, internal development will become a higher priority. Once this occurs, people will find great joy in their training, as anybody training for many years will attest to.

Self Defence is a vital skill for men and women alike.

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